Lee Ranaldo and The Dust will be touring in 2014 in support of the Last Night On Earth album, released October 8, 2013, the followup to 2012′s Between The Times and The Tides. The album introduces Lee Ranaldo and The Dust [Alan Licht, Steve Shelley, Tim Luntzel], reflecting its more band-oriented approach and sound.

UPCOMING DATES (all shows Lee Ranaldo and The Dust unless noted* – Lee with Steve Shelley, Alan Licht & Tim Luntzel)

April 24 Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool, w Chris Forsyth and Solar Motel Band.

May 25 Kortrijk, Belgium – De Kreun
May 26 Antwerp, Belgium – Trix
May 27 Paris, France – La Machine du Moulin Rouge
May 29 Nimes, France – This is Not a Love Song /Paloma
May 30 Barcelona, Spain – Prima Vera Sound Festival
May 31 Lyon, France – Nuits Sonores

June 1 Padova, Italy – Summer student festival / Je t’aime
June 3 Marina di Ravenna, Italy – Beaches Brew Festival
June 4 Bolzano, Italy ­ Sudwerk
June 5 Schorndorf, Germany – Manufaktur
June 6 Arlon, Belgium – L’Entrepot
June 7 Porto, Portugal- Optimo Prima Vera Festival


Two New Seven Inch Single Releases:
Lee Ranaldo/Tim Rogers split single
Tim Rogers (from Aussie band You Am I, that Lee produced in the 90s) and Lee did covers of each others songs for a single (and d/l) in support of S.L.A.M. Program (“Save Australia’s Live Music). It’s expensive, yes, but it’s a benefit item for a good cause…
info here:

Lee Ranaldo and The Dust: acoustic 7″
Acoustic covers of Neil Young’s Revolution Blues and Sandy Denny’s Bushes and Briars that we recorded in Spain last April. A taste of the acoustic album The Dust should have ready for release by early summer. This is on the new-ish label of Primavera Sound, El Segell.
The only info on it we can find right now is this:…ell-93629.html

Late Descent #2: NEW VIDEO by Vice Cooler

Lee’s Guitar Clinic at Other Music in NYC on October 28, 2013: 

Hammer Blows video

Lee on John Cage (January 2013): TEXT & AUDIO

Albatross: Lee Ranaldo Band feat. J Mascis appear on  ’Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac’ performing ‘Albatross’, originally  a Peter Green led instrumental by Fleetwood Mac/1969 that inspired The Beatles’ Sun King. Hear the record at Soundcloud or via your favorite digital supplier or record store.

Lee Ranaldo Band plays 4 songs on plus interview.

LEE’S WALKING MEN 99 TUMBLR BLOG–please send a pic
SOME ‘GRAMS FR THE ROAD-Instagram images from LRB touring this year…
Pitchfork’s +1Lee discusses his new LP and performs songs from it at Glasslands

MATADOR STORE -Order ‘Between The Times & The Tides’ 

LIVE ACOUSTIC ‘BIG BAND’ INSTORE, Melbourne (October 22, 2012).  Lee, Steve, Alan w Tim Luntzel on bass, plus Tim Barnes, perc and JP Shilo, violin:

Lee Ranaldo Band live at The HiFi, Melbourne (October 24, 2012):

Lee will exhibit his “Lost Highway’ drawings – sketches done from the front seat of the tour van during the last few tours in Europe, the USA and beyond – at Galerie Jan Dhaese, Gent, Belgium, opening March 30, 2014 ( A catalog will be available, published by Posture Editions.

New Double CD: The Rising Tide (Last Night On Earth Demos and Rehearsals). This limited edition package (1000 copies) collects alternate versions of some of the songs from the Last Night On Earth LP, in some cases in multiple versions. CD1 collects band rehearsals, while CD2 has Lee’s solo acoustic demos and a 25 minute instrumental version of The Rising Tide as well. This collection is exclusively available at live shows during 2014, but there are also some available at the SY store, HERE.

Limited Edition LP and 7″ Records (1000 copies ea):
Between the Times and the Tides TOUR LP (demos) and SEVEN-INCH (ALTERNATE MIXES of album trax) are now for sale at shows–and available in the SY store. Info HERE.

Lee’s new poetry chapbook, “How Not To Get Played On The Radio”, now out on SoundBarn Press. more info HERE. Available at SY Online Store HERE.

July 2012: Glacial “On Jones Beach” Full length album of Lee’s trio with Tony Buck and David Watson. LP only, comes w d/l card w extra material. Three Lobed Records. INFO HERE.

Lee has a track on the Three Lobed Records all-guitarists recordstore day release “Eight Trails, One Path.”

Lee is also featured on a new Poetry CD by poet-musician David Amram.

Official Facebook
Twitter feed: @leeranaldo
Instagram: leeranaldo


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  3. Arsenal soccer shirt says:

    Where did he hand go in the final version large image? It just disappears behind the tree it looks like, but the tree is behind her? The forest ATE HER HAND!!!

  4. brad says:

    Hey man…please come to Texas… ie. Dallas

  5. Vladopus9 says:

    I have been a fan of yours and Sonic Youth for most of my life and I convinced my wife last night to take my ticket for the Nashville show instead of me attending because she has recently been suffering from artist block and I knew that the sounds you guys are creating could fill her back up. You did not disappoint. She came home floating and glowing and I just wanted to let you know that your music inspires and perpetuates art and I am sure that I am not the only individual who believes that. Thank you for all you have done and please keep writing and so will I.

  6. lena says:

    yr show in Louisville was such an incredible experience…I can’t thank you enough for everything!

  7. Mäx says:

    Please come to Montreal.

  8. burp murphy says:

    You are coming all the way to Oz but only playing Melbourne? Shurely you can melt some minds in some other towns – personally i’m hoping Adelaide benefits from a show. Flying all that way and all….

    Thanks for the music and everything.

  9. Brad says:


    I know you’ll be in Houston Sep. 22nd. Any chance you can book a show in Dallas around then? Maybe my living room? Seriously. I don’t have much cash but I have a nice house, decent friends, good drinks and food, and tons of instruments. Come play man!

    PS my bday is the 21st. What better way to celebrate life than with sounddzzz.

    PSS this is a very serious inquiry.


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  11. mark says:

    Hey, please check this out:

    Live footage & picture from last nite in Araraquara

    Best wishes!

  12. soniclarsen says:

    yeah ! can’t wait your show in Bordeaux !!!

  13. Kitzia says:

    Hi Lee & The Dust band!
    Congrats for the new album, Im really excited and y I want to hear it! Anyway please please please pleaseee come to Mexico City, we want to hear the album here! ;)

  14. Eric says:

    Hi Lee!

    YES! Last Night On Earth is really great!

    All Belgians famous music fans waiting for you and the Dust this year
    We have a small country, but a really big cultural music mind!

    You very welcome again in Belgium Lee, come on!!


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