Here are some videos that I’ve recently shot. Not performance videos, just some stray journal-type stuff.


This long video (25min) consists of a selection of (mostly) iPhone films from the last year or so, inspired in large part by my trip with The Dust to India in September 2013, set to a long instrumental mix of an early version of The Rising Tide, recorded 012313 with The Dust (Steve Shelley, Alan Licht, Tim Luntzel).

I can’t recall the name of this instrument right now – or of the player. He was one of a group of Chinese improvisors who joined Leah and I in the Shanghai performance. We bought this little 3-pipe instrument for our son. One fixed pipe (like bagpipe chanter?) and 2 pipes w a sliding mute on each, to create warpy and gliding note effects. Very beautiful sounds!

This one finds me trying to play a normal “C” scale on 2 microtonally-tuned pianos (each tuned to a different scale) at the Trinosophes Gallery in Detroit where The Dust played back in October.


My Chicago bag theft video (closed circuit)


Yellow Tube Man: Dust Dancer



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