MAY 2012
Just pressed up, a tour only twelve inch record (w download card) that collects all the ‘band demos’ currently in circulation–8 tracks recorded by Lee and rhythm section of Steve Shelley and Irwin Menken prior to the sessions for Between the Tides and the Times. Also a 7″ with the two ‘alternate mixes’ of songs from the album. These mixes were done by Lee and co-producer John Agnello while mixing the album. The alt mix of Shouts (stripped down riot mix) features mainly the rhythm section plus Lee’s parts, as well as the vocals of Leah Singer and Kathy Leisen, but without the parts put on by John Medeski, Nels Cline and Alan Licht. The alt mix of Stranded (solo acoustic mix) features Lee w solo acoustic guitar, w/o Nels Cline’s lap steel parts.

These records can be found at Lee Ranaldo Band shows, and are now available thru the Sonic store as well. Check HERE.


7 Responses to TIDES & TIMES DEMOS AND ALT MIXes – 2012


  2. Jan Dhaese says:

    Keep me posted on the TOUR-ONLY ALBUM AND SINGLE


  3. Sean says:

    If possible,could you please email me when these go up on the Sonic Youth store? I’m in Australia and would love to get a copy of these. (Sorry I did not put my email address in correctly)

  4. Greg says:

    Really looking forward to these being available. Hoping for an alert of some sort…


  5. Tony says:

    This record is phenomenal, lots of Sonic Youth fans realize Lee’s contributions to the band, this is obvious to anyone who’s seen them play, he’s crucial, and his songs often are highlights, the last time I saw them in Australia’s music capital, Melbourne, the highlight was a killer version of Mote

  6. Jeff says:

    I just received these in the mail yesterday. They’re a wonderful companion to the album. I highly recommend picking them up.

  7. phil boston says:

    so good. just saw Lee & Steve Shelley here in montreal, it was just fantastic, guys. The ‘tour demos’ version of the album is all i’ve yet heard, its everything you wanna wish the new neil young album (which is cool in its own way) was. which is to say great record. keep on rockin !

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