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 Sound checking for last night's Acoustic Mass in San Gemini. Photo: @filippovagni  Prague Hotel tourist brochure. "Many amazing guns"  Morning gent in Gent.  One good thing about having yr flight to European Tour delayed: finally getting to the Picasso 3D show at #MoMA, 2: Guitar, 1914.  Playtime 2  Flung scarf (not mine) @kimletgordon  Guns N' Obama. Thank you Mr President for this hour of discussion.  Ready for Star Wars. I can't believe a 6 year old blurted out the big spoiler last night!!
 Day off in Roma.  Stark Denmark. I love pollarded trees. Why don't we do this more in the USA?  A gent in Gent. Agent  David Hammons selling snowballs he signed. Blizzard Ball Sale, 1983. #snow  Shit now I'm wondering if I am a high quality person or not ...  Vinyl premiere tonight. #Vinyl  Winnipeg last week.  #Winterpeg
 Happy t share birthdays w Gertrude Stein. Sad to share the day w Buddy Holly who died on this day in 1959 (at 22!). @leahsinger8 @jenniferhiggie  Played The Utzon Center in Aalborg, DK tonight-dedicated t the work of Jørn Utzon who designed the Sydney Opera House-amazing wooden models here, early prototypes for that bldg (like this one) and others. Inspiring...  Europe Tour starts tomorrow. New songs, new cities, new raps; also films in some locations. Link in bio. Photo: Jens Jurgensen.  Of squirmishes past and squirmishes yet to come...  Mixing the new album with @raulrefree  Starman  De-icing.
 "Woke up in a back street in Salzburg" - isn't that the start of a song or a lifestyle or somethin?  Nice shot fr the other night in Gent by Caroline Vandekerckhove @dimlylitstages  One good thing about having yr flight to European Tour delayed: finally getting to the Picasso 3D show at #MoMA, 1: Bull's Head, 1942.  Playtime 1  Joni  El Chapo Youth! Latest Goo Variant, reposted from...the Internet! @aidaruilova @RaymondPettibon  Tom Thomson, Early Snow, 1916. Always Tom Thomson.

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5 Responses to InstaGram Feed


  2. Roche says:

    Good to travel with you………

  3. Karin Petersen says:

    Dear Lee.
    Karsten and I will go to Hamburg July 2nd for your concert with Disappears
    Looking forward to seeing you
    Love, Karin

  4. Lars says:

    Liked your show in Köln last week very much!
    And it was great that you dropped by after the show to chat with the audience and sign LPs…

  5. bob costill says:

    hey lee you guys were great in phila,i hope you have great succes with the band ,and hurry back to phila soon.

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