How Not To Get Played On The Radio

SoundBarn press releases new chapbook by Lee in Dec 2012. collected recent poems. press release here. Signed copies are now for sale at the SY store site, and copies are also currently for sale on the SoundBarn site:

Our Music

have you heard the sound
of open rolling tones that
can’t stand still for a minute?
bouncing around the boxy chamber
inside yr 6 string mind?
that’s the sound of things to come
yes it is

basic fundamental
of the earth in rotation
terrestrial melody

our music is unintelligible
flying low under the radar
of yr average radiohead
there for the plucking
yet almost silent
undiscovered still like some
new and ancient language
keeping secrets

in talking to you now
i’m signing on
i’m surfing up
to yr big bronze doors of reason
a kink in the armor of the rational
Elvis in the armies of the ir-real
naked girls dancing at the thought
naked lads priapic, prancing
holding their bones tight to their chests
showing off for the crowd
waiting to be discovered
waiting for the one fem-talisman
to ward evil off their shoulders
to free them of responsibility
to thrust a fire up into the night

how not to get played on the radio
how to keep a good thing quiet
how to roll with the punches and
keep on keeping on
further on up the road
c’mon take me to the mardi gras
i’m goin’ up the country
devil at the x-roads
deep in the woods
goin’ down the road
keeping it real.

laundering boyhood

unrequited shiv dapples
layman’s corrupt future
dusky in buttress
–you gonna look rich
for a fraction, rainstorm–

on sundew it’s cornfield
his watch in mohair housefly

wrongful caribou consort
pyramids become frescoes
Carla’s britches dapple
lengthening the shadows

Copenhagen rebellion
erectile contrabass
looking for geeks in Tennessee
Greenland dwarfs
Jericho oysters
destroy the temple

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  1. DANIEL says:


  2. Marilyn says:

    … greatness …. “our music is unintelligible” ..yes it is. It is above and beyond any concept. “Verse, chorus, verse” is an anomaly between us. I must be hormonal –tears flowing uncontrollably…..

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