Zuccotti Park 112611

The other night I went down to Zuccotti Park–as I’d been traveling in Portugal the past week I had no idea how swept out it had become. So as I came around the corner and saw all the lights—xmas lights on the trees, those lights built into the ground, and police officers and guys in sanitation vests (?) all around kinda keeping watch on the place, I got a very strange feeling—-to see this community torn out of the place. But I know that even the original organizers of this event were planning to soon call a ‘cease’ on the occupation of the park–to declare victory as the cold weather set in, to regroup and re-plan. So the fact that the community was swept out early only adds a certain momentum to the effort now. A group of hardy souls held a General Assembly meeting at one end, a small table of books-all that was left of the beautiful library-was set up, and the movement moves forward… There are countless interesting articles floating around right now, about what has happened, how it started (at Adbusters incitement), and where it might go next, please seek them out…

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  1. Riska says:

    When this “movement” first stteard, I remember thinking that these morons should be removed from the gene pool. Guess I never figured they’d do it voluntarily. Gotta tip my cap.

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