I’ve been mostly stuck inside today, re-packing from South America and preparing to head to my solo acoustic show in Porto, Portugal—first time I’ll be playing the songs from my new album in an acoustic format. gulp, wish me luck! (it’s at Casa da Musica on Nov 19th). Meantime, I’ve been following the live streaming from the events around lower Manhattan this morning—kind of odd to be only a few short blocks away and yet so far from the action. Anyway I wanted to shout out to the folks at THE OTHER 99 for their absolutely EXCELLENT coverage of the events today. They are so trumping the pablum on the cable networks, it’s not even funny. This is the future of live news–people’s news. So check out their feeds at the two links below. I’m sure they are not the only live feed doing excellent coverage, either. Favorite chant heard today: “Put away yr riot gear/We don’t see no riot here”. Also check the beautiful latest edition of the OWS Journal which just came out, it is filled with the graphics sparked by this movement and absolutely wonderful…


3 Responses to OWS ACTIONS TODAY 111711-LIVE FEEDS

  1. Mike says:

    completely agree.

    power to the people!

    safe travels.

  2. Trevor Arthur says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for posting these links! I shared your feelings yesterday, being unable to participate, called to duty elsewhere. I will certainly check out these sites.

    Have a great show!

    Much love and admiration,


  3. Felipe says:

    Hi Lee,
    Just wanted to thank you for the show in Santiago.
    It was amazing.
    Un abrazo

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