Zuccotti 10/26-28/11 night & day & jammin’

Some shots from Zuccotti right around midnight on 102611–and then again in the afternoon a day or so later. This was before the big freeze, and a heavy night-the night of the recent march up to Union Square. When we got to the park it was pretty desolate as many were out marching. The police were coming in in droves, many in ‘riot gear’ or at least protective headgear. It looked like something heavy was going to happy while the majority of folks were out marching. More and more police cars began to line Broadway, and police vans pulled up full of more officers. My friend Chris who was marching said there was news over monitored police-band radio that something was afoot. But then… nothing, at a certain point the police all began leaving. I asked one white-shirted officer what was up and he just shrugged and said ‘we’re going home…’. This was the first night I noticed all the tents which had sprung up in the park–I’m told that after the evening with Jesse Jackson present, when there was contention over the medical tent–which up to that point was the only tent structure on site–that once the police backed down that evening more tents began springing up. We explored the site further over the next days, and really could see the full extent of it. The kitchen now has a proper (tarp) roof over it, the library has grown quite extensive, and they are having readings and signings there (I heard Patti Smith dropped by recently and donated 10 signed copies of her ‘Just Kids’ book), the areas for media/info and comfort expanding, a section with up-for-grab clothing for anyone who needs it. The drummers were in full force on this afternoon, and it was a pretty joyous and groovy scene. The vibe around the drum circle was guys and girls dancing, really getting into it. It struck me to wonder how long before someone records and releases one of these jams… “We are/the 99percent///We are/ the 99percent”. There is a lot of entrepreneurs out now, too, selling buttons, shirts, laminates (!) etc. While any money the fabulous tee shirt printers take in is going to the General Assembly (after materials), many of the other sellers are simply privately taking in money. I asked a couple guys selling shirts where the money they were taking in was going, and they told me straight out that they were out of work vets and it was going to help them survive. i’m sure there’s lots of different stories… The silkscreeners are fabulous–bring a tee shirt over, make a donation, check out their many fabulous designs… The people’s art! I guess the generators have been taken away? Today there were a couple bicycle-powered charging stations going… It’s a whole little enclave at this point. Continually fascinating.


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  1. donita says:

    Lee, firstly LOVE Sonic Youth ur a GREAT GUITARIST… secondly LOVE that ur out & bringing the realities of what’s actually going on with the “occupy” marches. Thanks for the photos & keeping us up to speed. I truely sense a change is happening & the support of people like u, thurston, help bring greater awareness & legitamcy to the fight. THANKS. Donita

  2. Joshua says:

    I’d be thrilled to add your excellent pictures of the screen printing group to our flickr pool! You can see the collection so far here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ows_screenprinting/ Thanks!!

  3. echocanyon says:

    Hi-I’m happy for you to repost any of the photos. As someone for whom silkscreening is near and dear to my heart, I’ve been hanging out around the silkscreeners quite a bit. I brought down a bunch of ink that I had lying around, and was trying t get in on the fun and get my hands dirty and do a couple sessions printing myself, but it was too cold on the days I had free for the inks to flow. Now I’m away for 2weeks but hopefully will try again upon my return.

  4. Thanks for your super kind words about our Screenprinters Guild! (I’m the gal in black printing in your photos..) Can’t wait to send these along to my family so they can see the inner sanctum of Zuccotti Park 🙂 Come print with us anytime, we’d be happy to have you!

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