Occupy Toronto – some pix 102111

While we were in Toronto this last weekend (Oct 21-22) we stopped by to visit the site of Occupy Toronto. Admittedly it was very late at night, after our gig, when we arrived, so the site was pretty quiet. A nice site in a park beside a church, quite huge compared to the NYC site, and absolutely full of tents, open flames from candles everywhere. The folks there couldn’t believe it when I told them that back in NYC folks are sleeping on hard pavement. And (at that time) w/o tents. The folks up there were aghast, and hadn’t realized. They are sleeping among trees and have grass under their tents. The scene was quite organized. We were met fairly quickly by a pair in safety vests who were ‘patrolling’ the site to keep things safe. The media tent was in full swing, and there were a bunch of folks hanging out in the large gazebo where I guess a lot of music goes down during the day. Their grievances in Canada are of a different nature that here-but still there was a general solidarity with what’s been going on in NYC and elsewhere…

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  1. Raoni says:

    OK.. and in my CITY too. RIO D E JANEIRO – CINELÂNDIA

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