OWS @1 month-Jesse Jackson-High Tension

I want to put up the pix fr last night in Zuccotti. figured out finally what was going on. when I got there everything was sleepy, folks were pulling up in sleeping bags for the night. con ed or somebody had set up a very noisy all-night repair action right no Zuccotti’s corner (coincidence?) which really threw up a din. they word starting going thru the crowd–‘get over to medical’ ‘we need everyone over at medical’ etc. and people starting moving towards the south end of the park. a meeting was started using the now-familiar technique of repeating the speakers words in larger and larger rings so all could hear (it was still very hard beyond the inner circle to know what was being said). I’m told today that the police wanted to take down the ‘medical tent’ and the crowd resisted. it really did look quite ugly and confrontational there for 20 min or so—and the strange thing is–this was going on–all the shouting at the cops by the crowd–some really ugly mean stuff and some righteous indignance too–w the cops all massing around at the one end, really looking like they were getting ready to take action. the chants of “the whole world is watching” (more true now than ever, actually), “this is a peaceful protest” and “your weapons are not needed here” (or something like that) were going up. and IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THIS, right about a quarter to midnight, Jesse Jackson shows up!, and he basically wades right into the middle of this conflagration btwn the crowd and the cops. I wasn’t sure if he was there to try to defuse the situation or if it was just coincidence that he showed up just then. a group of folks crowded around him w microphones and cameras, trying to get his take on the whole thing–I was pretty close and got some good shots, and meanwhile there is==pretty much in the exact same location==this brewing confrontation. After about 20 minutes of high-tension, finally the police vans began leaving up Church Street and the cops sorta walked away en masse, w the crowd erupting in cheers. it was pretty wild. this is happening in my hood! crazy!

And now you tell me Friday night is family night?? Parents w kids sleeping out in the park? Wish I wasn’t in Toronto this w/e!

more soon,

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  1. Damian C. says:

    Hi Lee,

    I spent the last 2 afternoons there and really enjoyed the various dialogues. I’m hoping to do a night time visit within the next week.

    So many grievances that do not lend themselves to a sound bite. But it is like a model society or at least a vision of a transformed society.

    Where it will go is anyone’s guess…

    hope all s well,


  2. Angela Jaeger says:

    Thanks Lee for sharing the description and pix!

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