OWS-new photos Oct 12

Frey and I went down to Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park today after school and snapped some more photos. Here’s a selection of our pix from today. I guess a general comment is that there is no ‘center’ to this gathering, idealogically—but at this point I don’t think that’s the point. The park (and ‘movement’) seems to be a nexus for all those dissatisfied with the status quo (w a healthy dose of joy/revelry thrown in–at times it feels like the parking lot outside a Dead show). Most seem to realize that the changes they are hoping for are quite major and outside of even general legislative parameters–more of a complete redesign of our system, about the most complex thing possible, an honestly ‘revolutionary’ attitude. Right now I think the point is to throw the Earth off it’s axis a little bit, turn the general dissatisfation into a groundswell, and see what happens next. A couple signs we saw (in my first post): “The Left Never Left”, and “This is the American Autumn” (referencing the Arab Spring…) seemed especially sharp. And, of course, “Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit”. Also has to be said, from my vantage point at least, that although there is a very large police presence they are in general being very cool and collected, letting it happen, facilitating the marches (diverting traffic, etc)–a few ugly incidents aside, the city seems to be playing it very cool w the whole situation…

10/14 addendum: I now write only two days later and already much of the information above seems old somehow. the scene shifts daily, sometimes hourly… this morning they were supposed to ‘clean’ the park. the area swelled with support. 7am came and went and the city/bloomberg/brookfield standoff was averted. lotsa rain today at times–

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  1. Ramone says:

    That “Fuck you I’m Batman” photo is the raddest thing I’ve ever seen (album cover worthy)
    My condolences to Kim & Thurston, their family & friends
    Lee you rock

    May Sonic continue to carry on somehow

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  3. Readme says:

    So, how often should we expect to see these sorts of photosets?

  4. Lazzo says:

    It’s awesome, awesome !
    I wish I was here.

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