Occupy Wall Street-some photos

Living down in lower Manhattan has been pretty wild for the last decade, w the occupation of Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza being only the latest happening of note. I’ve been witness to many of the daily marches up to and back from City Hall and have been down to the site a number of times. What follows are, for now, merely some photos, and a sound recording.

LR 10/10/11

(Here’s the sound (about 4 min, includes most of the major chants I’ve heard–this is not an edit or collage, just the marching procession as it passed one point last Wednesday 10/5). You should be able to click on this link and then listen while you look at the photos:

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  1. Christophe Bodin says:

    I wish I’d be there…Here in Australia the government keeps on saying how lucky we are not to be in a recession, blah blah blah while our mining lobbies are polluting our environment, fattening up and selling our natural resources to the huge corrupt and immoral sweatshop slave labor dump up North: the People’s (?) republic of China…
    Keep posting Bro!

  2. Eric Buzzard says:

    These photos totally just brightened my day! “I love cops who smoke pot” …priceless. Thanx Lee.

    And thanx again for putting me and Jucifer on the guest list in Asheville back in ’04. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  3. Geoff says:


  4. skyder lehmann says:

    Here in Denmark a demo has been going on for several days. Yesterday evening it was stopped by the police and people were arrested.

    Before the arrest a spokesman for the group told the media, that they had claimed the city for permission to assemble in the Copenhagen Town Square, but they had not received notification that the permit would expire at 18 o’clock yesterday. So those that wouldn’t dissolve the demo were arrested by police!

    And yes; why is fb setting up a warning before entering this site??

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