Shibuya Displacement (a soundwalk) 2006

Shibuya Displacement (sound walk)
Hudson Valley Center For Contemporary Art, Peekskill New York
September 17 2006

A recording of the recorded announcement heralding the arrival of the Tokyo Metro into the Shibuya Station. A spatial displacement. An aural smudge. We will parade thru streets of Peekskill New York broadcasting the sound of the train’s arrival into Shibuya station. Looped, overlapping sound will create a new temporal soundwork on the streets of Peekskill.

In August 2006 I spent some days in Tokyo. Although I’ve been to Japan many times, this trip had a particularly wonderful character. The recorded announcement of the Tokyo Metro’s arrival at the Shibuya station became a familiar background. I took it as a ‘representative’ of the particular acoustical nature of the Shibuya prefecture, where I spent much of my time. I transferred the sounds heard on the Shibuya Metro platform to downtown Peekskill—an audio displacement linking the two cities in a strange and unexpected way.

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  1. richard says:


    esp. last moments of vid., when that loop is echoing from all cd players in circle into one big echoed loop.

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