A series of new drawings based on newspaper imagery began to take shape in 2006, and is ongoing. Medium-scale drawings in ink based on photos torn from the newspaper. This work has also dove-tailed nicely with an installation of mine (Oct 06-Jan 07) that CNEAI (centre national de l’estampe et de l’art imprimé (National Museum of Print and the art of the printed image)), a museum outside Paris. The show “Old News”, a project of the Danish curator Jacob Fabricius, relating to artists whose work involves newspaper imagery, featuring both historical examples (Yves Klein, Fluxus, etc) and current artists. For that installation I mounted a grid of torn newspaper images which accumulated week by week—an every changing series of pictures. For this work I’m not interested in the story or in reading the text, but the text surrounding the photos is part of the ‘image’ that I’m working with. My interest in these photographs concerns the fact that these images are not self generated but rather self-selected. Images in the newsmedia are transitory, those of one days paper are discarded the next, to be replaced by new ones. In general photos found in newspapers are not selected for their artistic merit, but rather to illustrate news stories. I am creating a self-selected archive of these images, from which I will create further drawings and from which I hope to publish a book of these torn & appropriated images, seen outside the context of news media. For the CNEAI show I was also fortunate to be traveling a lot which allowed lots of different printing qualities to enter the equation, from saturated reds in Finnish papers to blurry black and white in the cheap British dailies to serious NY Times images.


  1. Emma Coyle says:

    Hi Lee,

    I had the best time at your London gig last night, the new album is excellent, and it was great to speak to you and Steve after the gig. Please do check my web site out. I’m always involved in art projects in N.Y.C as well as London, and I would love to work with you either in writing or in visual arts. Also, let me know if you would like me to send you a copy of my published book.

    Kind regards,

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