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also appears on:

  • Sonic Death (live)
  • Sonic Youth 2006 reissue
  • MIX TAPE #2
  • Battery Park NYC July 4th 2008
  • Live From Bonnaroo 2003
  • 06/07/01 "LIVE AT L'OLYMPIA 2001"

Thurston - guitar/vocals
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar/metal pipes
Richard Edson - drums

Lyrics   status: confirmed

She is not alone
She is not alone today
She is not alone
She is not alone today
She is not alone
She is not alone today
She is not alone

Track length: 4:06

First Known Performance: 07/??/81
Last Known Performance:  06/30/09


  • In "Confusion is Next", it says that this song was one of their earliest compositions, but existed in a different arrangement when first written (including Lee running a drill thru a wah-wah, which he actually did on the studio cut of Burning Spear). As previously speculated, the long-awaited reissue of the SONIC YOUTH ep confirms that the 2nd piece heard on the 'SONIC DEATH' collage is actually 'She is Not Alone' in its earliest incarnation, a much more abrasive, chaotic presentation than appears on the 'Sonic Youth' EP (the live version on the reissue was taken from 09/18/81, and is the same performance that appears on Sonic Death -- another live version, with only guitars--no drums--surfaced from July '81).
  • The song underwent another transformation in 1999 when they resurrected it after 16 years... the new version has more fluid leads from Lee and an alternate pulsating bassline from Kim (not to mention Steve Shelley!). In 2001 the song was given even more life, and has popped up a few times since then.
  • Footage from the 03/17/02 LA performance of this song is included in one of the featurettes on the Corporate Ghost DVD.


  • On "Sonic Youth" reissue - Live 09/18/81 - 3:37

    Early arrangement, driven by drums and wailing drumstick guitar. Same lyrics.

  • "Enola Ton Si Ehs"

  • On "Live From Bonnaroo 2003" - LIVE - ?

    Live version recorded 06/13/03 in Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Festival.

  • On "Battery Park NYC July 4th 2008" - LIVE - ?

    Live version recorded 07/04/08 in NYC, NY @ Battery Park.