Originally Released on:


also appears on:

  • Bad Moon Rising CD
  • Flower 12" (Supermix - live)

Thurston - vocals
Kim, Lee, Bob - ?

Lyrics   status: confirmed

What are you waiting for?
Satan flirts, I'm prepared
It's nothing to conquer, the fight is good
Your flesh has a limit of too many years
It's a shock absorber for your stinging tears
The satisfaction and power and control and piss
Is ruled by the laws of deception
Lost in laws of deception
We shake our heads as your tables turn
They'll always turn
And you'll never burn
That's the real promise: you'll never burn
You get the lies, we get the fire
You get the lies, we get the fire

Thanks for the pressure.

You went in my dream...

Track length: 5:06

First Known Performance: 05/19/84
Last Known Performance:  07/05/85


  • A strange studio creation, w/ lots of modulated drums, pitch-warped vocals, and echoed guitar drones. Thurston is an obvious participant, and I imagine Bob is drumming, Lee's doing the noisy guitar work.. there's a detuned bass at some point, I think.
  • The "Supermix" released on the Flower 12" is a combination of two sprawling live versions from the April 1985 tour: 04/02/85 Rotterdam appears in the left speaker, and 04/26/85 Aylesbury appears in the right speaker.
  • Thurston speaks "thanks for the pressure" towards the end, which was an early set of lyrics from the Bad Moon era.
  • Inspired by the 1984 case of Ricky Kasso, Jr according to Confusion is Next. Apparently Ricky, while high on PCP, gouged out the eyes of a teenage boy after torturing him for hours, and later committed suicide. His father claimed all he talked about was "drugs and rock music".
  • Always a fun live tune when it popped up, generally based off Lee's tape loop and the rollicking drums. Thurston's lyrics often varied from the written lyrics, and the song would spiral off into superjam territory. Actually, on the April 1985 versions, Thurston would often sing the lyrics to "Green Light" very slowly instead of the actual 'Satan is Boring' words. This was before "Green Light" was a separate song.
  • In a late 1984 Forced Exposure interview, Thurston mentions that they might contribute this song to the "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse" compilation.