Originally Released on:

BANG ZOOM 7 tapezine

also appears on:

  • Smart Bar - Chicago 1985 (live '85)
  • Rarities 2 (live '85)

Thurston - guitar
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar/vox (sometimes)
Steve Shelley - drums


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Track length: 6:24

First Known Performance: 07/05/85
Last Known Performance:  08/27/85


  • "Kat 'n' Hat" is a mysterious song that only appeared in SY's sets for about 2 months in mid '85 before being abandoned completely. The first known performance of the song was released on a cassette that came with a zine called Bang Zoom. This obscure source was the only known official version of the song until the band released its "Smart Bar - Chicago 1985" live album, which contains a version of the song recorded a month or so later.

    Of course, unofficial sources reveal a handful of additional versions, all from the August '85 tour, and what's interesting is that Lee seems to have been trying to work out a vocal part. He doesn't sing it every night (indeed the Smart Bar version is totally instrumental) and sounds tentative when he does, but it's unfortunate it was abandoned as it could have been another early Lee vocal.


  • "Smart Bar - Chicago 1985" - LIVE - 3:36

    Recorded live 08/11/85 Chicago, IL @ Smart Bar. No vocals.