Used by Thurston: 1983

  • 198? -- ? (?)
  • 1983 -- ? (Burning Spear)


  • One of Thurston's earliest guitars, check out the picture of him with a non-SY band, playing it in standard tuning. It was later mounted on the wall above the toilet in Lee's Tribeca loft circa 1991.
  • Featured on the cover of the August 1991 Guitar Player.
  • This guitar is touring with the Sensational Fix exhibit.
  • Sunburst body
  • 2 single coils
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • All knobs removed
  • Nail for strap button
  • White pickguard partially coloured blue
  • Drumstick duct taped in place for bridge
  • Tons of X crosses scratched in body

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