Used by Thurston: 1992-1993

  • 1992 -- GABDEG (Sugar Kane, Genetic, Teenage Riot)
  • 1993 -- GABDEG (Sugar Kane, Genetic)
  • 1999 -- GABDEG (Sugar Kane, Teenage Riot)


  • One of two Telecaster style guitars used by Thurston. In 2009, Thurston's tech Eric told me that one of his Teles had been built by his brother Gene, and wasn't sure if it was the G&L or not. I had suspected it was this one, as the paper plate set list for the July 4th, 1992 Central Park show indicates Thurston's guitar for 'Sugar Kane' is 'Gene'. However, it seems like the black Fender/G&L actually was Gene's.
  • Ted Aguilar wrote me with a very good point...he recalls Thurston using this guitar for 'Teenage Riot' at the July 2nd, 1999 Berkeley show, which would make sense. After that show, of course, is when the Ryder truck containing all of SY's gear was stolen, and yet this guitar is not mentioned anywhere on the stolen gear list. I suppose it was merely overlooked all these years?
  • Gauges: .046 .036 .036 .024 .017 .014
  • Black body
  • 2 single coils
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • White pickguard
  • 2 knobs
  • Listed as "BLCK TELE" on '99 set lists.

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