Used by Lee: 1988-1999

  • 1988 -- EBEEAB (Eric's Trip, Kissability, Hey Joni)
  • 1989 -- EBEEAB (Eric's Trip, Kissability, Hey Joni)
  • 1990 -- DDDDAA (Catholic Block) & EBEEAB (Eric's Trip)
  • 1995 -- EBEEAB (Eric's Trip)
  • 1996 -- EBEEAB (Eric's Trip)
  • 1999 -- EBEEAB (Eric's Trip)


  • Lee's main Mustang, another guitar that went thru multiple pick-up configurations. It was stolen in July 1999. UPDATE 2009 -- Thanks to an eagle-eyed eBayer, this guitar is now back in the hands of its rightful owner! Read the whole exciting tale at the Offset Guitars forum, where the news broke. The winner of the auction was awesome enough to contact the band and arrange to return the guitar, as well as allowing me to host countless intimate photographs of the instrument! In addition, you should really check out Michael's photo album here, for even more angles on this beautiful, classic sonic guitar.
  • On tour in 2009, but not up for leaving the roadcase, apparently.
  • Orange/red body
  • 1991: white Dimarzio humbucker taped in neck, white single coil in bridge
  • 1996: black humbucker taped in neck, black single coil taped in bridge
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Pearloid pickguard
  • 2 knobs
  • Plastic tuners, chrome low E
  • Trem bar
  • Yellow competition stripe
  • Serial # -- 259425
  • Used by Lee in "Macbeth" & "Mary Christ" videos
  • Listed as "RUSTY" on '95 set lists.
  • Listed as "RED STANG" on '99 set lists.
  • Appears in the video for You Am I's "Ken (The Mother Nature's Son)", directed by Leah Singer.

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