Used by Thurston: 1989-1999

  • 1989 -- GABDEG (Teenage Riot, Hey Joni)
  • 1990 -- GGDDD#D# (Stereo Sanctity, The Wonder, Mote)
  • 1991 -- GGDDD#D# (Brother James, Mote) & EG#EG#EG# (Expressway)
  • 1992 -- GGDDD#D#? (Burning Spear)
  • 1993 -- GGDDD#D# (Flower)
  • 1995 -- GGDDD#D# (Brother James)
  • 1999 -- GGDDD#D# (Bull in the Heather, Cotton Crown, Starfield Road, Mote, Brother James)


  • One of several Fender Jazzmasters purchased by Thurston in the "Daydream Nation" era. This guitar was actually used all the way up until 1999, when it was stolen. I'd previously had a separate page for a mysterious sunburst Jazzmaster from the gear theft list -- while watching the 02/27/99 show I discovered this to be Thurston's, a sunburst Jazzmaster w/ a white pickguard and a black humbucker. I updated the page with this new info, but in later research I noticed the same guitar briefly displayed in the 'Diamond Sea' video, which seemed odd to me as I'd thought it was new in '99, and was pretty familiar with all of Thurston's guitars in '95. My gears started turning and I realized that the sun/white Jazz used in '99 (and in the Diamond Sea vid, which was clearly a clip of them ending 'Brother James', so it was in GDD# then as well) could be this same sun/tortoise Jazz that Thurston used for GDD# in the early 90s, probably abusing it more than any of his other guitars on 'Burning Spear' and 'Flower'. The stickers on each were VERY similar. Different necks, though. The early '90s one had square fret inlays and the late '90s one had dotted frets. I checked the 10/22/92 video to see the original one in action. Then I checked 07/14/93 (again -- all of these were checked during initial research for this website's creation circa 2000) and was very surprised to see that this guitar (used only on 'Flower', the white Jazzmaster had taken over for GDD# songs by now) ALREADY HAD THE WHITE PICKGUARD! Why I didn't notice this 10 years ago, I'm not sure... so that confirmed it for me. Just one more thing: I also had a 'Fender Jazzmaster (green)' listed before, which I'd originally thought I'd seen on the 07/29/95 video. I checked that again and without a doubt it's this same guitar, sunburst Jazzmaster with a white pickguard and black humbucker. He used it for 'Bull' and 'Starfield' before literally tossing it aside at the final line and using the white Jazzmaster for the remainder of the 'GDD#' songs. Therefore, this guitar was basically a reserve GDD# once the white Jazz came into play, and unfortunately this means yet another classic 'Daydream era' Jazzmaster was stolen.
  • I'd often wondered why it was listed as "BMN_JAZ" on '99 set lists, and you can see on the "Burning Spear" 7" that the white squares are actually stickers spelling "B O O M ... something something", perhaps "BOOMIN' B...".
  • Sunburst body
  • 2 soap bar pickups originally, then black humbucker in bridge
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Original neck replaced after 1992
  • Tortoise shell pickguard originally, white pickguard added circa 1993
  • Various worn stickers
  • Listed as "SUNBURST JAZZ" on '91 set lists.
  • Listed as "BMN_JAZ" on '99 set lists.

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