Used by Lee: 1998/1999

  • 1998 -- Karen Koltrane
  • 1999 -- Female Mechanic Now on Duty, Karen Koltrane


  • Used on "Karen Koltrane" at 07/04/98, at least. He used it on "Female Mechanic" & "Karen Koltrane" in February '99. Lee seemed to prefer to use the same guitar for these two songs, perhaps favoring this one over the 'old wood' Jaguar used in '98 (or perhaps the old wood Jag better suited him for 'Schizophrenia' once it re-entered the set in '99). The sunburst Jazzblaster remained in GGDAGA for both tours before it was stolen in July '99.
  • Black refinish
  • Chrome humbuckers
  • "28" sticker
  • Serial # -- 614960

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