Used by Kim/Jim 2002-2009


  • '69 EB-0 purchased in Austin on the Murray Street North American to replace the blue P-Bass she'd been using previously, because she was unhappy with its sound. Jim used this bass on "Kool Thing" "Kissability" and "Drunken Butterfly" when Kim isn't playing. Jim didn't seem to use this (much?) in 2004.
  • Kim says: "I've been using the EB-0 because it's just easier and smaller [than the Thunderbird]. It only sounds good with new strings, though [usually D'addario mediums]. I'd like to have another bass that has more resonance to it, but for now this one is really fun to play live."
  • Red body
  • 1 pickup
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Black pickguard
  • 2 knobs

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