06/16/81 through 6/24/81 - NYC, NY @ White Columns (Noisefest '81)

Date: Tuesday, June 16th thru Wednesday, June 24th, 1981 City: New York City, NY, USA Venue: White Columns -- Noise Festival

In mid '81, Kim and Josh Baer convinced Thurston to organize a 9-day noise festival to accommodate underemployed experimental performers in the downtown scene. The festival was held in the White Columns gallery, which had a capacity of 60 people. Each night three to five acts performed, including Glenn Branca (whom Lee also performed with), Rhys Chatham, Jeffrey Lohn, Dog Eat Dog, Built on Guilt, Rudolph Grey, the Avant Squares, Mofungo, Red Decade, Robin Crutchfield's Dark Day, Ad Hoc Rock, Smoking Section, Chinese Puzzle, Avoidance Behaviour, and, of course, Sonic Youth.

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