07/??/81 - NYC, NY @ Just Above Midtown/Downtown Gallery

Date: ?, July ?, 1981
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: Just Above Midtown/Downtown Gallery
Loud & Soft [The Good and the Bad]
She is Not Alone [early version]
  • This was Lee's first show with Sonic Youth (after only one practice!). The band consisted of 2 guitars & bass, and vocals -- in various line-ups.
  • The previously posted set list came from a cassette that was actually 2 songs from the Downtown/Midtown (as well as a brief segment of the early "She is Not Alone" that it is of indeterminate origin), and 4 songs from the 09/18/81 show that would later appear in full on the "Sonic Youth" reissue in 2006. These 2 songs are possibly the entire Midtown show.


  • unknown...

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