Featured here are only links pertinent to the nature of this site. The first section deals with SY live material, the second section features concert chronologies for other SY-related bands, and the third section is a cheap plug for my other 4 SY pages. If you know of a site offering live photographs/reviews/journals or anything else that you think should be included, please let me know. I've lost all my links to the various Thurston/Lee tour diaries, somebody help me out...

I have to admit, this is a pretty weak assortment of links, as far as SY concert photos go. I'm sure better archives are out there, let me know who I should be linking to!


SY LOSSLESS RECORDING ARCHIVE -- free FLAC downloads of amazing SY shows from every era of their existance!! what more could you want?!?!?!

SY LIVE RECORDING DATABASE -- well if the above site didn't quench yr thirst for hot live sonic, wander over to tristan's database to see all of the other shows you could be tracking down!

GOO TOUR TRAVELOGUE -- this amazing page details one photographer's journey thru 14 SY shows from 1990 thru 1992. a must see!

DAVE MARKEY'S TOUR DIARY -- read all about dave's experiences filming the "1991: THE YEAR PUNK BROKE" documentary.

7/8/87 PICTURES -- pix from the 7/8/87 stockholm gig.

8/7/90 PICTURES -- pix from 8/7/90 new haven gig.

2/19/91 PICTURES -- pix from 2/19/91 hartford gig.

1998 PICTURES -- pix from, uh, somewhere on the thousand leaves tour..

8/10/98 PICTURES -- pix from the 8/8/98 stockholm gig.

7/4/99 PICTURES -- some pix from SY's july 4th '99 gig (their first after the gear theft).


SUGAR MOUNTAIN -- for all your NEIL YOUNG set list needs. amazing page.

NUMBERS ON THE SITE -- NEIL YOUNG tour statistics (where i stole the idea from). another compelling page for neil fans.

PAVEMENT LIVES -- collection of PAVEMENT tour dates & set lists.

THE ANAL OBSESSION -- a BUTTHOLE SURFERS live tape discography.

R.E.M. TIMELINE -- a thorough R.E.M. concert chronology.

NIRVANA LIVE GUIDE -- a NIRVANA concert chronology.

LIVENIRVANA.COM -- a group of insane completists more obsessed with detail than myself. scope it out!

MUDHONEY TOURBOOK -- a great MUDHONEY live guide.

SWANS CONCERT CHRONOLOGY -- tour history + set lists for SY's first tour partners.

FIVE HORIZONS -- a concert chronology for SY tourmates PEARL JAM.


The Sonic Youth Song Database -- a comprehensive listing w/ extensive info on every Sonic Youth song, including lyrics, first/last known live performances, stupid trivia, line-up details, release information, and more!

The Sonic Youth Discography -- a fully illustrated documentation of Sonic Youth's audio output with detailed history on all major releases and oh so much more...

The Sonic Youth Illustrated Gear Guide -- exclusive information and photographs of all of SY's unique equipment. fun fun fun!./..

The Sonic Youth Guitar/Bass Tab Archive -- guitar and bass tablature for the bulk of SY's recorded output, w/ exclusive tuning guides and all that fuckin' rock and roll...

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