??/??/83 - ?, Germany @ Bar

Improvised Rap Song 
Satan is Boring?

  • Quote from "Confusion is Next":

    Another particularly memorable show took place at a bar directly across the road from a cow pasture in a tiny German town. The band arrived at the venue to discover a particularly well-lubricated audience. After two and a half hours of playing virtually everything they knew, including an improvised rap number, the band left the stage. A largish German woman grabbed them, plied them with shots of tequila, and pushed them back onstage. They began playing "Satan is Boring," a newer number. Kim ran out into the audience and continued playing from behind the soundboard. Audience members jumped onstage, grabbed stray guitars and began playing along.

    One particularly inebriated participant took Bert's place at the drum kit and began hammering away. Lee and Thurston had had enough, but the German drummer just kept pounding. So the band stopped playing, grabbed him, and wrapped him up in duct tape. "It turned out that the guy was some kind of epileptic or something," says Bert. "He was just freaking out and his eyes were bugging out of his head." Even as the audience member was unwrapped, the other self-appointed band members continued screwing around with the guitars.

  • I had previously believed this show was inaccurately represented in 'Confusion as Next' due to the inclusion of 'Satan is Boring', which was a staple of the April '85 European tour, but the band discusses it in more detail in the October 1984 Forced Exposure interview:

    Kim: But what about that town in the mountains with all the little crosses? People went insane.
    Lee: It was like this complete drunkfest in this tiny club in the middle of nowhere. We played for two and a half hours and did anything that came into our heads. We did a rap song. We did all this shit and people were coming up on stage... People just got drunker and drunker and drunker and wouldn't let us stop. It was amazing.
    Kim: Lee and Thurston had to tape this one guy up with gaffing tape.
    Lee: He was this nerdy guy playing the drums and we taped him up with gaffer's tape and dragged him down to the floor and he couldn't get out and started freaking out. Like drooling and going, UH! UH! UH! UH!" People were saying, "Oh god, cut him out." And we couldn't break the tape...
    Thurston: His eyes were rolling up in his head.
    Lee: It was hysterical. It was really a riot.
    Thurston: And all his friends hitting the guitars and going, "YAAAAHHH!"
    Lee: Then later on they told us that he was a little bit "touched". It was the most insane gig.

    So, I suppose this did happen on the first (or second?) European tour after all, though I'm skeptical that 'Satan is Boring' was in the set at the time, and I suspect the 'two and a half hours' claim is embellished, but who knows...


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