After a year of playing the same 13 songs over and over, Sonic Youth finally bust out all the old faves, as well as "She is Not Alone" from the first EP, and a cover of DNA's "Blonde Redhead". It's worth noting that on the master list of songs for this tour, "The World Looks Red," "Making the Nature Scene," and "Flower" were all included, but never played. This would have been Nature Scene's first appearance in 10 years!

Tour Length

16 shows / 21 days

Cancelled Shows

02/23/99  	Tangiers, Morocco

Number of Appearances in 16 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Anagrama		        9
Blonde Redhead			6
Brother James			5
Bull in the Heather	       12
Cotton Crown			4
Death Valley '69	       12
Eric's Trip		       10
Expressway			3
Female Mechanic Now on Duty    16
French Tickler		       16
Heather Angel			6
Hoarfrost		       12
Ineffable Me		       14
Karen Koltrane		       15
Mote				6
Schizophrenia		       15
Shadow of a Doubt	       11
She Is Not Alone		8
Starfield Road			4
Sugar Kane		       10
Sunday			       16
Teenage Riot		       12
Tom Violence		        9
White Kross			3
Wildflower Soul		       12

Current Release: A Thousand Leaves

Songs from albums: A Thousand Leaves 8 SYR1 1 Experimental Jet Set 2 Dirty 1 Goo 1 Daydream Nation 2 Sister 3 Evol 3 Bad Moon Rising 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 1 Sonic Youth EP 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 0 Number of different songs played: 25 Non-LP songs performed: 1 (Blonde Redhead -- DNA Cover)
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