Although SY have always favoured their newest material live, this was the first tour since 1988 where they EXCLUSIVELY performed nothing but new material, night after night, save for 2 old songs. They continued this trend for 3 1998 tours, simply showcasing A Thousand Leaves and 2 pieces from the SYR series. Shows would invariably end w/ Death Valley '69 extended into an extrapolated noise jam, usually with Kim doing vocals similar to those on "Contre Le Sexisme" or "Invito Al Cielo".

Tour Length

28 shows / 35 days

Amoeba Records show excluded since it was an improvised affair and can't weigh on the set lists.

Number of Appearances in 28 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Anagrama		       28
Death Valley '69	       28
Female Mechanic Now on Duty    28
French Tickler		       28
Heather Angel		       27
Hits of Sunshine	       28
Hoarfrost		       27
Ineffable Me		       28
Karen Koltrane		       28
Shadow of a Doubt	       15
Stil			       27
Sunday			       28
Wildflower Soul		       28

Current Release: A Thousand Leaves

Songs from albums: A Thousand Leaves 9 SYR2 1 SYR1 1 Evol 1 Bad Moon Rising 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 0 Number of different songs played: 13 Non-LP songs performed: 0
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