Lollapalooza '95

Aaaaah.. Lollapalooza. Sonic Youth headlined, with Hole, Cypress Hill, Pavement, Sinead O'Connor (and later Elastica), Beck, the Jesus Lizard, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the main stage. Second stage band information listed individually for each show.

Of course, the tour was a huge media highlight and I wouldn't even begin to try to recreate the soap opera here. Your best bet is to purchase the Online Diaries of Thurston, Lee, Beck, David Yow, Watt, Courtney, Malkmus, and others from Soft Skull Press and experience it that way.

Tour Length

29 shows

Cancelled Shows

08/19/95  	Mountain View, CA  	Shoreline Amphitheater 

Reason for cancellation: Low ticket sales.

Number of Appearances in 29 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

100%			       19
Androgynous Mind		2
Becuz			       21
Bone			       12
Brother James		       13
Bull in the Heather	       29
Candle			       11
Confusion is Next		1	07/30/95 Philadelphia, PA
Cotton Crown			6
Diamond Sea		       29
Eric's Trip		       12
Expressway			6
I Love Her All The Time		1	07/08/95 Denver, CO [on set list but no tape to confirm performance]
Junkie's Promise	       13
Mote				9
No Queen Blues		       11
Panty Lies			4
PCH				5
Saucer-Like		       16
Schizophrenia		       17
Self-Obsessed and Sexxee	8
Silver Rocket			2
Skink			       18
Skip Tracer			4
Starfield Road		       28
Sugar Kane			2
Teenage Riot		       21
Tom Violence		       17
Unwind				4
Waist				2
Washing Machine		       29
White Kross		        8
World Looks Red			6

Current Release: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

Songs from albums: Washing Machine 9 Experimental Jet Set 7 Dirty 2 Goo 1 Daydream Nation 4 Sister 4 Evol 2 Bad Moon Rising 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 1 Confusion is Sex 2

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 9 Number of different songs played: 33 Non-LP songs performed: 0

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