Compared to the serious, less-than-accomodating nature of the tour with Neil Young, this tour was -- as clearly displayed in the 1991: The Year Punk Broke documentary -- nothing but fun. On the road with new labelmates Nirvana, whose "Nevermind" record wasn't released til a month later, Sonic Youth hit the European festival scene and unleashed riveting sets upon enormous, appreciative crowds. As mentioned, "1991: The Year Punk Broke" was filmed entirely on this tour, and it's a must-have for any SY fan.

Tour Length

10 shows

Number of Appearances in 6 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Brother James		        5
Catholic Block			1	08/25/91 Hasselt, Belgium
Chapel Hill			5
Dirty Boots		        5
Eric's Trip		        3
Expressway		        6
Flower				3
I Love Her All The Time		4
Kool Thing		        5
Mary Christ			4
Mote				2
Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit	5
Schizophrenia			4
Teenage Riot			5
Tunic				2
White Kross		        4

Current Release: Goo

Songs from albums: Dirty 2 Goo 5 Daydream Nation 2 Sister 3 Evol 1 Flower/Halloween 12" 1 Bad Moon Rising 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 2 (Chapel Hill / Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit) Number of different songs played: 16 Non-LP songs performed: 0
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