Aside from a brief eastern US tour in March, Sonic Youth spent the first half of 1990 off the road, instead focusing on signing with Geffen and recording Goo. In August, they hit the road (with a little band named Nirvana) to showcase the Goo-tunes and spent the better half of the year on tour.

Tour Length

18 shows

Number of Appearances in 10 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

The Bedroom			5
Burning Spear			1	08/07/90 New Haven, CT
Catholic Block			8
Cinderella's Big Score		8
Death Valley '69		2
Dirty Boots			8
Disappearer			1	08/21/90 San Francisco, CA
Eric's Trip			4
Flower				5
Kill Yr Idols			1	08/04/90 Cincinnati, OH
Kool Thing			8
Mary Christ			9
Mildred Pierce			2
Mote				7
My Friend Goo			4
Schizophrenia		        3
Silver Rocket			2
Titanium Expose			3
Tom Violence		        6
Tunic				8
White Kross		        8
The Wonder			2

Current Release: Goo

Songs from albums: Goo 10 Daydream Nation 3 Sister 3 Evol 1 Flower/Halloween 12" 1 Bad Moon Rising 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 1 Sonic Youth EP 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 1 (The Bedroom -- an instrumental released on the Dirty Boots single and as "The Destroyed Room" on various Dirty singles, with Kim singing) Number of different songs played: 22 Non-LP songs performed: 1 (The Bedroom)
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