The band covered the entire Daydream Nation record (save for Providence, though it was played thru the amplifiers while the band changed guitars) for good on their final tour of the 80s, then prepared to enter life on a major label. Aside from a couple of shows and the "Night Music" appearance later in the year, the band took a well-deserved rest from playing live til March '90. Most of these shows had Mudhoney opening.

Tour Length

16 shows

Number of Appearances in 14 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Brother James			5
Candle			       11
Cotton Crown			1	03/17/89 Newcastle, UK
Cross the Breeze	       12
Eliminator Jr		       10
Eric's Trip		       11
Expressway			3
Hey Joni		       13
Hyperstation		       13
I Wanna Be Yr Dog		3
Kissability		       12
Silver Rocket		       13
The Sprawl		       13
Teenage Riot		       13
Total Trash			1	04/01/89 Frankfurt, Germany
The Wonder		       12
World Looks Red			3
White Kross		       10

Current Release: Daydream Nation

Songs from albums: Daydream Nation 12 Sister 2 Evol 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 1 Confusion is Sex 2

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 0 Number of different songs played: 18 Non-LP songs performed: 0
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