After Sister's release, SY took a month-long US tour, only instead of the "Hotwire" or "Dog" encores, they took up playing a quick medley run of 4 Ramones songs, as featured on the "Hold That Tiger" official bootleg, from this tour.

Tour Length

22 shows

Number of Appearances in 12 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Beauty Lies in the Eye	       11
Beat on the Brat		9
Brother James		       11
Catholic Block		       10
Cotton Crown		       11
Death Valley '69		2
Expressway		        8
Hotwire My Heart		3
I Don't Wanna Walk Around..	7
I Wanna Be Yr Dog		1	10/13/87 @ Madison, WI
Kill Yr Idols			1	10/16/87 @ Lakewood, OH
Loudmouth			7
PCH			       11
Pipeline/Kill Time	       10
Schizophrenia		       10
Stereo Sanctity		       11
Today Yr Love, Tomorrow..	7
Tom Violence		       11
Tuff Gnarl			9
White Kross		       11

Current Release: Sister

Songs from albums: Sister 10 Evol 2 Bad Moon Rising 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 2 Confusion is Sex 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 0 Number of different songs played: 20 Non-LP songs performed: 4 (Beat on the Brat / I don't wanna Walk Around w. You / Loudmouth / Today Yer Love, Tomorrow the World -- all Ramones covers, all released on Hold That Tiger)
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