Flaming Telepaths Tour

A 3-week tour with fIREHOSE, oddly named after a Blue Oyster Cult song. fIREHOSE would join the band on the "Starpower" encores (which Thurston sang), and halfway thru they added "The Red and the Black" as well (originally by the Blue Oyster Cult, covered by the Minutemen). Watt would play 2nd bass w/ Kim, I think George Hurley played guitar, and Ed Crawford and Kira Roessler (who was on the road w. fIREHOSE) would play saxophone (well, at least 2 people play horns on the St Louis video, I'm not sure if it was a nightly ritual!).

A large portion of this tour is covered in Lee's "Jrnls80s" book.

Tour Length

18 shows / 24 days

Number of Appearances in 10 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Brother James		        7
Death to our Friends	        7
Expressway			6
Green Light		        7
Kill Yr Idols			2
Marilyn Moore			7
The Red and the Black		5
Secret Girl			7
Shadow of a Doubt	        7
Starpower		        9
Tom Violence		        7
White Kross		        8

Current Release: Evol

Songs from albums: Sister 1 Evol 8 Kill Yr Idols EP 2

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 1 (White Kross) Number of different songs played: 12 Non-LP songs performed: 1 (Red and the Black - Blue Oyster Cult cover)
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