European Evol Tour '86

This month-long tour consisted of about 3 weeks in England, a week in Holland, and a few stops in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, and Scotland.

Tour Length

24 shows

Cancelled Shows

05/31/86  	Treviso, Italy  	Foroboario 
Reason for cancellation: Rain.

In addition, I removed 2 shows from the beginning of this tour because I have no evidence they were played:

05/07/86 	London, England 	Bay 63 (this show was cancelled)
05/08/86  	Eindhoven, NL  		De Effenaar

Number of Appearances in 14 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Brother James			7
Burning Spear			6
Death to our Friends		9
Death Valley '69		2
Expressway		       11
Flower				1	06/06/86 Den Haag, NL
Green Light			8
Inhuman				2
Kill Yr Idols			1	05/20/86 Leeds, UK
Marilyn Moore		       13
Secret Girl			9
Shadow of a Doubt	       10
Shaking Hell			3
Starpower		       13
Tom Violence		       12
White Kross		       10
World Looks Red		       11

Current Release: Evol

Songs from albums: Sister 1 Evol 8 Flower/Halloween 12" 1 Bad Moon Rising 1 Kill Yr Idols EP 2 Confusion is Sex 3 Sonic Youth EP 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 1 (White Kross) Number of different songs played: 17 Non-LP songs performed: 0
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