This was the band's first tour with Steve Shelley. They were still sticking pretty heavily to the Bad Moon Rising material, as well as both sides of the forthcoming Flower/Halloween 12". They were also introducing audiences to several new songs that they could expect on EVOL, such as "Expressway" and "Secret Girl", and one song that would never be heard again: "Kat N Hat", an oddball tune that Lee began developing a vocal for as the tour progressed.

Tour Length

16 shows / 32 days

Number of Appearances in 11 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Brave Men Run		       10
Brother James		       10
Burning Spear			5
Death Valley '69	       11
Expressway		       11
Flower				6
Ghost Bitch		       11
Halloween			5
I Love Her All The Time	       11
I'm Insane			7
Inhuman				2
Kat N Hat			8
Kill Yr Idols			9
Making the Nature Scene		3
Secret Girl			2
World Looks Red			1

Seattle 08/16/85 set not used for statistics as it is based on recollection, not recording.

Current Release: Bad Moon Rising

Songs from albums: Evol 2 Flower/Halloween 12" 2 Bad Moon Rising 5 Kill Yr Idols EP 2 Confusion is Sex 3 Sonic Youth EP 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 5 (Flower / Halloween / Expressway / Kat N Hat / Secret Girl) Number of different songs played: 16 Non-LP songs performed: 3 (Flower / Halloween - Flower 12" // Kat N Hat - unreleased)
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