After trying out some new material in the US with newly enlisted drummer Steve Shelley, Sonic Youth embarked on their second European tour that year, giving the fans who loved Bad Moon Rising a taste of what was to come. I seem to be missing a large portion of these tour dates, but this tour seems to have brought the band to many places they'd never ventured before.

Tour Length

19 shows / 39 days

I moved the Copenhagen date from Nov 20th to Oct 20th -- it just seems unlikely that the date was that far away from the rest of the tour, and ending in the UK seems more sensible. I also moved the Brussels date but it may have been October, as well. To be honest, I'm not sure where these dates originally came from.

Number of Appearances in 11 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

Brave Men Run			5
Brother James		       10
Burning Spear			4
Death Valley '69		5
Expressway			9
Flower				5
Ghost Bitch			6
Green Light			9
Halloween			1
I Love Her All The Time		8
Inhuman				5
Kill Yr Idols			7
Making the Nature Scene		2
Secret Girl			4
She's in a Bad Mood		1	11/09/85
World Looks Red			4

Current Release: Bad Moon Rising

Songs from albums: Evol 3 Flower/Halloween 12" 2 Bad Moon Rising 4 Kill Yr Idols EP 2 Confusion is Sex 4 Sonic Youth EP 1

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 5 (Flower / Halloween / Expressway / Green Light / Secret Girl) Number of different songs played: 16 Non-LP songs performed: 2 (Flower/Halloween)
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