12/14/92 - London, England @ Brixton Academy

Date: Monday, December 14th, 1992
City: London, England
Venue: Brixton Academy
Dirty Boots 
Kool Thing 
Swimsuit Issue 
Theresa's Sound-World 
Tom Violence 
Sugar Kane 
Drunken Butterfly 
Youth Against Fascism 

  • Appears on the bootlegs "Splitting the Atom" "Shoot!" "100% Sonic Youth" & "100% Live".
  • This appears to be a radio edit, supposedly I Love Her All The Time, Expressway, and more Dirty tunes were played. "Shoot" does not appear on the bootlegs. The songs may even be rearranged from their proper order in some cases.
  • Pavement's opening set was included on their 2002 reissue of "Slanted & Enchanted".
  • Supposedly the band were wearing Santa hats, and during their set members of the opening acts came out and sprayed them with silly string (possibly during the 'Sugar Kane' midsection).


    - 100%
    - Dirty Boots
    - Kool Thing
    T: "Thank you. Hey, I'd like to send this next song out to Cass, and this song is called 'Swimsuit Issue'."
    - Swimsuit Issue
    L: "This is called 'Genetic'."
    - Genetic
    - Theresa's Sound-World
    T: "Thanks. This is, I'd like to throw this song out to Richard Hell. This is called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Merry Christmas. Yeah, I'm pretty happy about the fact that who's ever involved with it, I salute you...who's ever involved with, um, the freedom and liberalization of Princess Diana."
    K: "Yeah it's funny how something depressing always happens around the holidays."
    T: "But her baby is the king, and this is for her, and this is called 'Sugar Kane'."
    - Sugar Kane
    T: "What just happened? This song is called 'Schizophrenia'."
    - Schizophrenia
    T: "Hey thank you for coming to see us play tonight. We appreciate it. I'd like to think the boys and girls of Pavement and Cell for playing tonight. They're friends of ours. We'll be back tomorrow night if any of you have, uh, enough money to afford to do it. Okay! This is called 'Drunken Butterfly'."
    - Drunken Butterfly
    K: "Thank you."
    T: "Okay, this next song is our anti-national white power song. This is called 'Youth Against Fascism'."
    - Youth Against Fascism


  • Pavement
  • Cell

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