07/12/82 - NYC, NY @ Mudd Club

The World Looks Red
The Burning Spear
Confusion is Next
Shaking Hell
I Wanna Be Yr Dog
  • This show is an endless source of confusion. What we know: Tom Recchion is on drums, and Jeffrey Lee Pierce from the Gun Club sings on "I Wanna Be Yr Dog". The show was always listed as 07/12/82 CBGB, but expert traders became convinced it was 12/07/82 @ Mudd Club. The band's copy is listed as 12/07/82 but date format is unclear.
  • Both "Goodbye 20th Century" and "Psychic Confusion" imply that Tom's show with the band was AFTER the first leg of the Swans tour, and he left the band because he did not want to go to the midwest for the second leg. Bob Bert is even quoted as saying that when they returned from the midwest (which would be inaccurate given that this date falls between the two legs, but perhaps he meant the east coast dates, aka first leg) he couldn't understand why he wasn't being called to rehearse for an upcoming Mudd Club show, and then was told Tom Recchion was replacing him. He also explicitly mentions that Jeffrey Lee Pierce sang "Dog" at this show. So, all of that points to December being correct.
  • However, in an interview conducted in October 1984 for Forced Exposure magazine, Thurston gives a detailed history of the band and definitely suggests that Tom Recchion's stint with the band was BEFORE Bob ever joined, so between Richard Edson and Bob Bert, when they were known to have tried out one or two other drummers (David Linton, Dave Keay). He mentions that they played one great gig with him but he wasn't keen on the idea of the upcoming Swans tour. The band timeline in the Sensational Fix book also states that Tom Recchion played one gig before Bob joined.
  • Despite Bert's recollection, I'm more inclined to believe Thurston's account as stated in 1984, when the details were still fresh. I still find it confusing though, as Bob's memory is so specific. I'm pretty sure Bob did both legs of the Swans tour, and then Jim Sclavunos' first show was on 12/27/82, so perhaps that's what Bob was thinking of? If anyone has any way of clarifying this, it would be much appreciated...
  • As it stands, I'm returning this to the original July 1982 date, assuming that Tom played his one show with the band after Edson left (which does make me wonder if the June 18th Danceteria gig could indeed be Edson's last show rather than February as commonly stated in SY bios), and before Bert joined. The Savage Blunder tour may have been planned in July and Tom was sure he did not want to do it, hence their need to seek out a replacement, which they found in Bob. Bob would do both legs with them and be replaced by Jim Sclavunos in late December. If anyone has evidence that contradicts this outside of the SY bios, please let me know!


  • Gun Club?


  • Audience analog cassette source exists.

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