12/01/83 - London, England @ The Venue

Date: Thursday, December 1st, 1983
City: London, England
Venue: The Venue
Confusion is Next
Burning Spear
Kill Yr Idols

  • The band's first London appearance. They played for fifteen minutes to a nearly empty house. The gig was apparently disastrous -- thurston's guitar broke in his hands, the drums fell apart, and in the middle of one song, the stage curtain was lowered and the power shut off. Thurston remembers doing Confusion, Burning Spear, and one or two other things. The band climaxed by sliding the monitors and amps across stage, leaving a glowing explosive frenzy behind. Somehow the band's set received very favorable reviews from Sounds and NME.


  • SPK
  • Danielle Dax

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