11/23/92 - Milan, Italy @ Rolling Stone

Date: Monday, November 23rd, 1992
City: Milan, Italy
Venue: Rolling Stone
Burning Spear 
Kool Thing 
Swimsuit Issue 
Sugar Kane 
Theresa's Sound-World 
Dirty Boots 
Tom Violence 
Drunken Butterfly 
Youth Against Fascism 
White Kross 

  • Available on the "Schizophrenia" bootleg. The tracks "JC" and "Expressway" on the Schizophrenia bootleg are actually taken from 10/24/92 for reasons unknown (since it's possibly the worst version of JC ever performed). I'm not positive that "White Kross" is the final song of the Milan gig, but it seems to be.


    - Shoot
    - 100%
    - The Burning Spear
    - Kool Thing [w. DV69 tease during intro]
    T: "Ah thank you. Thanks a lot. Ah this is uh, this next song, I'd like to dedicate to all you, you uh cute young men in those adorable security outfits. You're really breakin' my heart. I think this next song is called 'Swimsuit Issue'."
    - Swimsuit Issue
    T: "Thank you. Ah this is for Chicalina[?], this song is called 'Sugar Kane'."
    - Sugar Kane
    T: "Oh, thanks. Thank you. Thanks a lot, it's nice to be back at Rolling Stone. Although I think this place should probably change its name, cuz the ROLLING STONES ARE DEAD, MAN!! DEAD!!! .. Uh, they should call this place Hole!"
    L: "This is called 'Genetic'."
    - Genetic
    - Theresa's Sound-World
    T: "[something in Italian? "??? il viaggio?"] This next song is called 'Dirty Boots'."
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Hey Chuck Berry's coming to town! Or he already came. Okay, this is called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Thanks. I'd like to thank my record label... *laughs* and uh, and the [??]. So is Nirvana really popular in Madrid and Milano and Rome and all that shit? Ummm... what do you guys wanna hear? Some boogie? Cuz we got some boogie lined up here. Alright, this song is called 'Drunken Butterfly'."
    - Drunken Butterfly
    T: "Thanks! Hey thanks for coming tonight, see us play, checking out Pavement, they came from America but nobody knows quite sure where in America. Excuse me? Could everybody shut up so I can hear what this young lady has to say? With the Death's Head on her t-shirt? What--*laughs* [someone keeps shouting 'death valley 69!'] Okay. Serious business, punk rock. Anyway, there's some uh, really beautiful bootleg t-shirts being sold on the street, that uh, you could buy but um.. fuck it, they're shitty! We have some t-shirts that we sell ourselves that go to support um, nothing. *laughs* So, whatever, I don't wanna tell you what to do with your money. That's the problem. This song is called 'Schizophrenia'."
    - Schizophrenia
    K: "Thanks!"
    T: "Goodbye."
    L: "Seeya, peace."
    T: "Thank you."
    [encore break]
    T: "I'd like to dedicate this song to all the friendly police in Italy. This is called 'Youth Against Fascism'."
    - Youth Against Fascism
    T: "Okay. This song is even more ultra-political than that last one. This song is called 'White Kross'."
    - White Kross


  • Pavement

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