11/21/92 -- Cologne, Germany @ E-Werk

The World Looks Red
Kool Thing 
Swimsuit Issue 
Theresa's Sound-World 
Sugar Kane 
I Love Her All The Time
Tom Violence
Drunken Butterfly 
Youth Against Fascism 
The Burning Spear

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    - Shoot
    - 100%
    T: "Ah, thank you. Thanks. Thank you!"
    L: "Alright, we haven't played this one in a while."
    - The World Looks Red
    T: "Thank you, this next song is called 'Kool Thing'."
    - Kool Thing [w. DV69 tease during intro]
    T: "Thanks. Thanks. Okay boys, this song is called 'Swimsuit Issue'."
    - Swimsuit Issue
    - Theresa's Sound-World
    T: "Thank you. Thank you very much. This song is called 'Sugar Kane'."
    - Sugar Kane
    T: "Uh, thank you. Thank you, Cologne. Dusseldorf. That song was called 'Sugar Kane', I'd like to send that out to uh, to Jörg Immendorff and his family. This next song is ca---he's a local, I don't know if you know that, I think he lives in Dusseldorf. This next song...is called 'Genetic'."
    - Genetic
    - I Love Her All The Time
    [tapes or radio play]
    T: "This song is called 'Purr'."
    - Purr
    T: "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. We're gonna do a song we haven't done in a long time, I'd like to send this one out to Gerhard Richter, this is called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Thanks, thanks. Hey thanks for coming tonight and seeing us play. Um, I'd like to thank Pavement and Cell.. uh, coming over from America and playing tonight. It's a long trip. Um.. you know if you're gonna buy t-shirts by any of these bands tonight, uh, if you could do us a favor and buy them at the t-shirt booth, wherever that is inside this venue, instead of uh, going outside and buying them from anybody selling t-shirts outside cuz those are bootleggers. Those are bootleg t-shirts and all they do is give money to the drug world, and a bunch of other fucking shit. But, you know, if you buy t-shirts in the club all the money goes to us and then we can support our heroin habits and that's really cool, so thanks! Anyway, um, thanks for coming, this song is called 'Drunken Butterfly'."
    - Drunken Butterfly
    T: "Thank you, goodnight, bye."
    - JC
    K: "Thank you."
    T: "Thanks. This song, is a song, it's anti-hate, and it's called 'Youth Against Fascism'."
    K: "This is for Axl!"
    - Youth Against Fascism
    [radio/walkman noise]
    - The Burning Spear
    T: "Thank you. See you in church!"


  • Pavement
  • Cell

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