11/20/88 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy

Date: Sunday, November 20th, 1988
City: Los Angeles, California, USA
Venue: The Roxy -- 2 shows?
Brother James 
The Wonder 
Cross the Breeze 
Silver Rocket 
Teenage Riot 
Hey Joni 
Eric's Trip 
The Sprawl 
Eliminator Jr 
Providence w/ Watt spiel
I Wanna Be Your Dog 
  • If there were 2 shows, this set list is for the late show.
  • Members of Mudhoney and Redd Kross joined on I Wanna Be Yr Dog.
  • Mike Watt did a spiel overtop a tape of "Providence".


    [long tuning intro]
    L: "Check 1 2..."
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    T: "Thanks. This song is called 'The Wonder'. It's for James Elroy."
    - The Wonder
    - Hyperstation
    - 'Cross the Breeze
    - Kissability
    - Silver Rocket
    T: "I killed a cop today."
    - Teenage Riot
    L: "This is called 'Hey Joni'."
    - Hey Joni
    L: "This is called 'Eric's Trip' and it's for Mike Watt."
    - Eric's Trip
    L: "This is 'The Sprawl'."
    - The Sprawl
    - Eliminator Jr
    L: "Thanks a lot!"
    Mike Watt: [spiel overtop "PROVIDENCE" tape, this is approximate at best] "...had it tossed inside him, add the cost of finding him, meaning from the outside in. Figured I could marry every dictionary, find the truth that's buried, in the suit we carry. Whistle blows all lined up, we found em, I fucked the [??] Watt here..."
    L: "Where's all the dudes? Providence's [???].. And we have some of our friends up here to help us. Dudes from Seattle, dudes from L.A.! We're gonna do some old Beatles songs! I mean Ramones, Ramones! Peter Frampton cover..."
    ?: "You're the most beautiful people I've ever seen in my life, you're really beautiful! I really mean that! You're so goddam pretty, I can't stand it! I wanna fuck all your brains out! That's already happened, what?" (not someone from SY)
    [very brief subtle jam on "Down by the River"]
    - I Wanna Be Yr Dog
    T: "Thank you goodnight!!!"


  • Mudhoney
  • Redd Kross


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