11/18/90 - Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage

Date: Monday, November 18th, 1990
City: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Venue: Center Stage
Dirty Boots [incomplete]
  • Adam Weiss writes: "Don't remember the set list on this one really, but there were a couple of odd things at the show that I remember. I was sitting a row behind Thurston Moore's family. He kept dedicating songs to his family members, including his white-haired grandmother, who I saw signing some kid's boxers in the halls. Also, during Dirty Boots, some dude got on the stage for a stage-dive, and was tackled very hard into the crowd by a giant security guard muscle head. They stopped playing because it looked so injurious, and were looking onto the floor to see what was what. Thurston got on the mike and chewed out the security, and the band designated spots where kids could dance/jump off off the stage, and asked that anyone who do so please be careful not to yank out cords. Then they started Dirty Boots over again..."


  • The Jesus Lizard

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