11/13/86 - Miami, FL @ Theatre by the Beach

Marilyn Moore
Tom Violence
White Kross
Shadow of a Doubt
Death to our Friends
Secret Girl
Green Light
Brother James

  • fIREHOSE join SY for their encore, 'Starpower' and possibly 'The Red and the Black'.


    T: "This song is called 'Marilyn Watt'."
    - Marilyn Moore
    T: "Okay, this song is called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Alright, this song is called 'White Kross'. 1 2 3 4!"
    - White Kross
    [walkman plays 'nasty' by janet jackson thru amp]
    - Shadow of a Doubt
    T: "Did I hear you tuning? [???] Let's go let's go let's go go..this song is for everybody who lives in south Miami. I don't know anybody from south Miami. Except for..."
    K: "Yeah Thurston was born in south Miami."
    T: "Yeah!"
    - Death to our Friends
    - Secret Girl
    T: "This song is about going upstairs to take a shit and there's like no toilet paper so you go in the girl's room and there's no toilet paper there either, but there's like a girl in there taking her pants off, she says 'Here, use this,' and it was some kind of black, like, fabric, and this other girl she was with was like, started dancing, so I ran out. This song is..[laughs]..sorry, I'm sure you know who she is! Point her out. This song is called 'Green Light'."
    - Green Light
    L: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    [walkman plays 'blue velvet' thru amp]
    T: "Alright, thanks a lot! Alright, this is for Ted, a guy who used to live here, he used to run a record store called Open Records. Well he lives, uh, he lives where we live and he has another store called See Hear. Yeah, you should go there! Ha! Go again! Alright. This song is for fIREHOSE, it's called 'Expressway'."
    - Expressway
    T: "Okay, thanks a lot! We'll see ya next time we come here. Alright, alright, we're gonna, um, we're gonna play with fIREHOSE! I don't know if you caught at the beginning...[laughs] Uh, we don't play that anymore. That song sucks, man, we just don't play it! fIREHOSE! Front and fuckin' center!"
    This is Ed fuckin' Crawford! Bam! Yeah! Alright Ed! That'll cost you. Kim Gordon! From Rochester, via LA. I don't know where the rest of the fucks are. Mike Watt! Should we wake him up? Dude's gonna get beat. Where is he? Mike always goes to sleep when we play. Alright, here's Martin! This guy's Mr New Alliance, he used to be in the Slivers, he used to be in the Pleebs, Pedro's No Waves, San Pedro No Wave, the man instigated it all! He's a horn player. Yeah. We had to bring him along, yeah! Watt! You're fucking up the scene, Watt! Mr George Hurley on kickass sax! These men are the blowers of batch!"
    fIREHOSE member?: "Earth to Mike Watt, come in Mike Watt, this is Earth. Mike!! Mike!!"
    T: "You know I'll bet Mike went upstairs to take a shit and there was no toilet paper. I think these places should supply toilet paper, and I wouldn't stand for it. I would protest it, in the only way you know how. Mike Watt! Mike Watt! Mike Watt! Mike Watt! Mike Watt! Mike Watt! Mike Watt! [etc]"
    ?: "Ladies and gentlemen Mr Mike Watt!"
    T: "Mike Watt! Mike Watt! Yeah! Whoa! M-I-K-E-W-A-T-FUCKIN-T. Too late, pal! It's too late baby, although we really did try to make it. Something inside has died and I just don't know if I can fake it. Find any toilet paper, dude?"
    Watt: "My name is Bubblegum."
    T: "Please cool down everybody! The superjam will continue! Please cool out, just cool out people! Stop throwing shit on the stage! Please no more stage diving cuz you're knocking our shit out of tune!"
    [tape cuts, but 'Starpower' likely played]



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