11/09/90 - Columbia, MO @ Blue Note

Date: Friday, November 9th, 1990
City: Columbia, Missouri, USA
Venue: Blue Note
White Kross 
Catholic Block 
Mary Christ 
Kool Thing 
Tom Violence 
Dirty Boots 
The Bedroom 
Silver Rocket
My Friend Goo 
Lee #2 
  • First known performance of "Lee #2" (a Goo outtake available instrumentally on the Goo Demos, and now on the Goo Deluxe edition). Lee sings the live version.
  • "Silver Rocket" isn't present on the circulating recording, but after "The Bedroom" you can hear Lee warming up the Silver Rocket chords, then the tape cuts and starts at the beginning of the encore.


    T: "Alright, we're ready. Maybe I should take my sweatshirt off. You think I'm gonna be hot? Hey! You ready, Lee?"
    L: "Yes, yes."
    T: "Hey I'd like to thank the radio station for making these stylish T-shirts. All you people out there modelling them, like this dude here. We're gonna do a song called 'White Kross'"
    - White Kross
    T: "Aw, thank you."
    L: "This is called 'The Eye-mote'."
    - Mote
    - Flower
    [walkman plays 'low rider' by war]
    T: "Man, I'm sorry I hit you in the head. I didn't see you! This song is called 'I Got A Catholic Block'!"
    - Catholic Block [with false start]
    T: "Oooh thank you, ladies and gentlemen. This song is called 'Mary-Christ'."
    - Mary-Christ
    - Kool Thing
    [walkman/radio plays 'i want you to want me' by cheap trick, among others]
    T: "This song, uh, I'd like to dedicate this song to Richard Hell, it's called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Thanks. Is my amp blowing your heads off? I'm sorry. It's a weird place to listen. You're only getting part of the deal. This is way over my head, man! I can turn it down. This is a song for Karen."
    - Tunic
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Aw, thanks. We're gonna do a new song that we...that we wrote. Ah this is one of those songs Lee was talkin' about on the radio. You guys get radio...this song is called 'The Bedroom'. [false start] ...Whoa!"
    - The Bedroom
    T: "Ah, thanks. [Lee + Thurston talk quietly off mic] .. You get new shoes? Are those new shoes?"
    L: "Nope, not anymore. I got em in Montreal. A month ago."
    - Silver Rocket
    T: "Chief [???]"
    L: "[in cartoon voice] Hi folks! [normal] Equestrian extraordinaire!"
    T: "Thanks for the quarter! Kim, can I have a bass pick? You got an extra bass pick? Yes! What's the song here? A song called 'Goo'!"
    - My Friend Goo
    L: "This is another one of those new songs, uh, we only tried it a couple times so far. A slow one."
    - Lee #2
    - Inhuman


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