11/08/85 - Brighton, England @ Zap Club

Date: Friday, November 8th, 1985 (Evening Show)
City: Brighton, England
Venue: Zap Club
Green Light 
Brother James 
Kill Yr Idols 
I Love Her All The Time 
Ghost Bitch 
The Burning Spear 
Expressway to Yr Skull 
  • "Brother James" appears at the end of the "Screaming Fields of Sonic Love" home video. The whole show appears on "Blood on the Beach", a VHS 'official bootleg' of sorts. INCREDIBLE FOOTAGE.


    T: "Okay, fun time is over."
    - Green Light
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    T: "?? broken"
    K: "Is it broken?"
    T: [indecipherable stage talk] [starts KILL YR IDOLS riff, stops] "That's just a taste of the next song, it's called 'Kill Yr Idols'."
    - Kill Yr Idols
    - Flower
    [walkman plays "Holiday" by Madonna]
    - I Love Her All The Time
    - Ghost Bitch
    - Burning Spear
    T: "We would like to do one more song."
    - Expressway
    T: "Thanks a lot, we'll see you next time we come here."


  • unknown...


    infinite thanks to jeff stonehouse for contributing an unprecedented amount of early live sonic photos from both the beach gig and the zap club -- incredible documentation! click all to open full size in new window, some are quite large...(sorry they're not more tastefully laid out)

    Have any information on this show? E-mail me!


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