11/08/85 - Brighton, England @ Brighton Beach

Date: Friday, November 8th, 1985 (Afternoon Show)
City: Brighton, England
Venue: Brighton Beach

Secret Girl 
Green Light 
[tuff titty rap] tape


['she's in a bad mood' style jam]
World Looks Red 
Brother James 
Making the Nature Scene 
  • "Inhuman" appears briefly at the beginning of the "Screaming Fields of Sonic Love" home video. "Nature Scene" appears as "Blood on Brighton Beach" on "Walls Have Ears". The band played again in the evening at the Zap Club.
  • More footage from this show and the evening's show was released as "Blood On The Beach" on VHS. (just BRO JAMES/INHUMAN/NATURE)
  • I'm not sure exactly how to separate the 'soundcheck' from the 'show' as there was probably little difference to those already in attendance. I'll include 'Secret Girl' and 'Green Light' in the statistics. Per Emmanuel Tremblay: "this is an average tape recording in front of the stage. the sound is rough and noisy but mostly clear. there is also a wind noise and something that sounds like people walking on rocky sand. the band played at the beach in the afternoon in front of a small crowd. the performance is overall sloppy and difficult but it's still a nice unusual show with a lot of stuff from 'confusion is sex'. there are lots of tunings between the first few songs. they play the 'tuff titty' tape, and maybe a break after 'green light' so i guess the first few songs were a kind of live soundcheck. the 'untitled jam' is about 5-6 minutes long, kim, lee and steve are playing something very similar to she's in a (bad mood) without thurston guitar parts. kim jam on 'hallowed be thy name' a bit after the song. lee tells people to 'take a swim' and 'not right' is played after the set."


  • The Unbelieveables


    (video captures)

    infinite thanks to jeff stonehouse for contributing an unprecedented amount of early live sonic photos from both the beach gig and the zap club -- incredible documentation! click all to open full size in new window, some are quite large...(sorry they're not more tastefully laid out)

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