11/06/83 - Lausanne, Switzerland @ La Dolce Vita

Date: Sunday, November 6th, 1983
City: Lausanne, Switzerland
Venue: La Dolce Vita
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  • A recording has circulated as both 10/29/83 and 11/06/83. I can't say for sure which date it is, but you can see the set list in the 10/29/83 entry. This show, along with 06/11/83 (same city/venue, reversed month/day!) has been the cause of much confusion...I would love for someone to magically clear it all up... Considering that tapes of the rest of the tour are circulating, it seems likely that if both these shows occurred, they would be available too...
  • Update February 2010: I'm even more skeptical about this show now, with news that the La Dolce Vita club did not open until April 1985.


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